The New York Times bestselling author of Origin Story turns his attention to the future of humanity — and how we think about it — in this ambitious, interdisciplinary book.

Every second of our lives, we have to cope with an unknowable future. How do we do this? And why do we, like most living organisms, manage this impossible challenge quite well … at least most of the time? 

David Christian, the historian and New York Times bestselling author of Origin Story, is renowned for his pioneering "big history" framework. But with Future Story, he turns his sharp analytical eye to the future, offering a unique and accessible guide through what we think we know about future thinking and about the future itself.
With fascinating explanations of the various ways living things understand and plan for the future, plus detailed explorations of the future of evolution, humanity, artificial intelligence, interstellar travel, and beyond, Future Story teaches us how to think creatively and intelligently about the future — and paints an unusually thoughtful and science-backed picture of what's to come.

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